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How Long Can CoolSculpting® Elite Results Last?

By: Dr. James D. Fontaine


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Are you aiming for a sleeker, more defined figure without the commitment of surgery? At Fontaine MD Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. James D. Fontaine is proud to be one of the first physicians in the San Diego, CA area to offer CoolSculpting Elite, an innovative approach to nonsurgical fat removal. CoolSculpting Elite is designed for those seeking significant, lasting changes with minimal disruption to their daily lives. Discover how you can attain lasting results and enhance your physique, all through a process designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

How does CoolSculpting Elite aid in fat removal?

CoolSculpting Elite uses fat freezing technology to target and disrupt unwanted fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. Over time, the body naturally processes and removes these cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction of fat in treated areas. What sets CoolSculpting Elite apart is its enhanced design and applicators, which cover more area and offer a more comfortable experience than many other fat removal methods. This efficiency not only ensures a more effective treatment but also contributes to more noticeable results.

Is CoolSculpting Elite right for me?

Before scheduling your CoolSculpting Elite treatment, Dr. Fontaine will review your health profile and cosmetic goals to determine if you're an ideal candidate for this fat removal treatment. The best candidate for CoolSculpting Elite is a person who:

  • Is close to their ideal weight
  • Has areas of stubborn fat that don't respond to diet or exercise
  • Wants to refine and reshape their body's contour
  • Is committed to maintaining their CoolSculpting results with a healthy and active lifestyle

Is CoolSculpting permanent?

Here's the really exciting news: CoolSculpting Elite is designed to destroy fat cells, meaning they won't come back. However, the remaining fat cells can still grow or migrate, which is why it's crucial to maintain a stable weight after your CoolSculpting Elite treatment. Part of your treatment plan will include post-care guidelines to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your newly contoured figure.

How can I maintain my CoolSculpting Elite results?

Maintaining your CoolSculpting Elite results will come down to your lifestyle and habits after your treatment. Sticking to a balanced diet and consistent exercise routine is crucial for preserving the sculpted look you've achieved. Finding physical activities that you love and focusing on nutritious foods will do more than just help maintain your results; they'll also boost your overall health. At every step of your treatment, Dr. Fontaine is here to provide personalized advice to ensure your body continues to reflect your goals.

Experience nonsurgical fat removal in San Diego, CA

At Fontaine MD Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine, we're pleased to offer some of the latest and most innovative fat removal treatments for our clients in the San Diego, CA area, including fat freezing with CoolSculpting Elite. If you have love handles, banana rolls, or other places where you just can't seem to get rid of stubborn fat, don't despair — contact our practice to arrange your consultation with Dr. James D. Fontaine. Together, we'll find a solution to help you attain the body you desire.

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