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Bioidentical Hormones in San Diego, CA

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The hormonal structures govern multiple aspects of your overall health, bodily function, and well-being, including your emotions and sex drive. Hormonal imbalances can occur in men and women alike, whether resulting from stress, getting older, or having children. Hormonal imbalances commonly lead to symptoms including fatigue, decreased sex drive, trouble sleeping, and gaining weight. At Fontaine MD, we use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to improve your hormone levels and help you gain revitalizing breakthroughs in your mood, sexual desire, and mental acuity. To learn more about what bioidentical hormones can do for you, contact us to plan a consultation with Dr. James D. Fontaine, a hormone specialist in San Diego, CA.

Bioidentical Hormones in San Diego, CA

What Are the Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at Fontaine MD is an excellent option to help stabilize your hormones, boost your mood, and renew your sexual desire. Perks of this hormone treatment from our facility in San Diego, CA involve:

  • Improving sex drive and performance
  • Elevating your energy
  • Improving mental clarity and focus
  • Addressing the issues that come with menopause
  • Burning fat and increasing lean muscle
  • Enhancing quality of sleep
  • Bettering mood and diminishing mood fluctuations
  • Decreasing or halting baldness
  • Hormones are structurally identical to those generated by the body

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is frequently used to assist people who are suffering from diminished or unbalanced hormone levels. Typically, these problems are widespread in individuals who are older than 40 and observe changes in their mood, sexual performance, weight, and mental clarity. These issues might also be seen in females younger than 50 who have had a complete hysterectomy. A hormone imbalance may cause various medical problems, like erectile dysfunction, thyroid disease, high cholesterol levels, night perspiration, sleeping troubles, and memory loss.

Your Experienced Anti-Aging Specialist

Are you suffering from low energy, weight gain, reduced sex drive, PMS, menopause, or perimenopause? If so, bioidentical hormone replacement from Fontaine MD Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine can treat these symptoms. Hormonal imbalances are common during the aging process, but you do not need to accept these symptoms as part of “normal aging.” If you are tired of suffering and ready to feel better, call us for a consultation. We are pleased to offer bioidentical hormone treatments to men and women.

Bioidentical hormones, structurally identical to those produced by the body, are used in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to address hormonal imbalances that can arise from aging, stress, or other factors. Offered at Fontaine MD, BHRT helps in rejuvenating mood, sexual desire, and mental sharpness by optimizing hormone levels to their youthful state. This therapy is especially beneficial for those over 40 experiencing changes in mood, sexual performance, and mental clarity. It addresses various symptoms like fatigue, decreased sex drive, and weight gain and is tailored to individual needs, whether for men experiencing andropause or women going through menopause or perimenopause. BHRT can significantly improve quality of life by stabilizing hormones, enhancing sexual performance, boosting energy, and improving sleep and mental focus.

What About Supplements and Nutrition?

At Fontaine MD Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine, we have a healthy aging program that addresses much more than just hormones. To ensure our patients receive optimal benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we address nutrition and exercise as well. Dr. Fontaine will also make recommendations concerning high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements that will help you reach your goal of healthy aging.

Dr. Jim Fontaine is a great guy! I am a 72 year old male who has been seeing him for over a year to improve my wellness and overall health. He has provided supplements that have everything heading in the right direction. I would highly recommend Dr. Fontaine to anyone interested in improving their wellness!

M.S. Google

My only regret about visiting Dr. Fontaine is that I didn't do it sooner. I didn't realize how bad I felt before until after a few months of treatment. The difference was staggering. I originally went because I felt tired constantly, stopped working out because I wasn't making any progress, felt demotivated, and had a hard time focusing at work. After a few months of balanced hormones, I literally feel like a new person. I wake up with an abundance of energy that lasts throughout the day, my body looks better, my workouts shed body fat and put on muscle more easily than they have in decades, and I feel motivated across every aspect of my career and personal life. It sounds too good to be true, but it's real. If you're a guy and you feel like you've lost something, you should seriously consider visiting and seeing if you can find it again.

R. Google

My experience at Fontaine MD has been even better than I was hoping for. Dr. Fontaine and his team have been responsive, professional, and proactive with any concerns or questions I’ve had while on my HRT journey. I feel great and my hormone levels are where they should be, which is all thanks to Dr. Fontaine and his expertise. I’ve recommended him to multiple people who have also had the same great experience as myself. If you’re considering HRT, I highly recommend you give them a call!

J.S. Google

In 2021 I discovered Dr. Jim Fontaine and he has changed my life. First off, I have never felt so comfortable in the presence of a doctor. He is so down to earth and really makes his visit something I look forward to, and I've never said that before about a visit to the doctors office. He has helped me with all kinds of middle aged afflictions from ballooning blood pressure to ED. With simple supplement's and hormone treatments, not to mention the guidance from his dietitian, of what not to eat. From a dietary standpoint alone, I had no clue how much sugar I was consuming. I'm now controlling my sugar intake and it has fundamentally, helped with my general fitness and well being. I have lost 10lbs, my body fat is under 16% and my blood pressure is normal, without using any medications. At 56, Fontaine MD has put a spring back in my step. It is absolutely, worth the investment in yourself to have Doctor help you with the aging process, every penny. Thanks Dr. Jim and the whole team at Fontaine MD.

M.R. Google

Is there a 10-star rating?! Working with Dr. Fontaine has changed my life. I'm a 47-year old woman in the throes of peri-menopause. At the time of my first appointment I was desperate for help and to be heard. My emotions, moods and energy levels had bottomed out, I was having hot flashes and extreme night sweats, was experiencing insane fluctuations in weight and bloating and generally just felt like an alien had taken over my body and mind. Counsel from my primary care physician (a woman! In her 50s!) was "Welcome to your mid-40s" and "maybe consider going back on birth control to level out your hormones." It was RIDICULOUS! I was so frustrated and disheartened. I began reading/learning more about bio-identical HRT and felt like I had nothing to lose by trying it. Enter Dr. Fontaine and his amazing team!! My first appointment + discussion with Dr. Fontaine was 90 minutes and super fruitful. To hear him say "you're not crazy, this is real" was so affirming! After a lot of dialogue and reviewing bloodwork he recommended a treatment plan of a change in my Thyroid medication (which was so, so poorly prescribed. He was like "I don't know who put you on this in the first place, and why different doctors over the years have just blindly renewed it, but this dosage is doing you more harm than good") and then a regimen of testosterone and progesterone as well as a couple additional supplements for minerals/vitamins I was low in. Within the first 14 days I felt like a new person. The hot flashes and night sweats were the first thing to improve and that alone changed everything! Over the next couple of weeks my energy, sleep, moods and weight became more consistent. It's been 6 months now and I feel like I have reclaimed my life. I can't say I'm peri-menopause-symptom-free (new stuff pops up all the time that is confusing... period-symptoms but no period for months, fluctuating energy and fatigue that mimics a menstruation cycle but without menstruation, mid-life blues, blah blah) but I can say that I feel 150% better than I did when I started. Run - don't walk - to Dr. Fontaine!

K.B. Google


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If you’re interested in learning more about bioidentical hormones, contact us to schedule your appointment today. Our team at Fontaine MD Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine makes use of innovative technology to help you look and feel your absolute best. Dr. James Fontaine is a board-certified physician with years of experience and can help address your concerns in a comfortable environment.

How can bioidentical hormones help me?
A significant part of aging is due to the decline in hormone levels as you get older. You probably felt best when your hormones were at youthful levels. Optimizing hormones to youthful levels can make you feel better, restore youthful vitality, and delay many aging-related problems. Dr. Fontaine offers a comprehensive evaluation of your hormone levels and other pertinent labs to provide you with a customized healthy aging plan. With the optimization of hormone levels, men can improve their energy, sex drive, sleep, sexual function, and lean body weight while losing unwanted fat while decreasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. Women can reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause or perimenopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, low sex drive, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, and low energy. Hormone treatment may also take preventive measures against diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.
What are bioidentical hormones?
Bioidentical hormones are identical to the hormones your body produces. They provide a more natural approach to addressing hormonal imbalances. They’re made with plant chemicals extracted from soy and yams and then finely ground in a laboratory for better absorption in the body. Bioidentical hormones are available in various forms, including creams, patches, pellets, injections, and pills. Multiple medical studies document the safety of bioidentical hormone therapy. Dr. Fontaine can provide you with a custom hormone regimen to help you achieve optimal results.
Can bioidentical hormones help reduce menopause symptoms?
Yes, hormone therapy can help minimize symptoms related to menopause. Estrogen therapy is the most effective treatment for relieving hot flashes, night sweats, pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, itching, and burning. Bioidentical estradiol is not the same as synthetic estrogen such as Premarin, which has many side effects and is responsible for the negative impression many have concerning hormones. There are many medical studies documenting the safety of bioidentical estradiol. Progesterone is prescribed in combination with estradiol as it has many health benefits, even in women who have had a hysterectomy. It is important to distinguish safe bioidentical Progesterone from synthetic Progesterone (Provera) as only the bioidentical form is safe. Women make testosterone naturally but in a smaller amount than men. Women often benefit from the optimization of testosterone levels as well.
Can bioidentical hormones help men?
Yes, hormone therapy can help men throughout the aging process as well. Just as women experience lower estrogen levels in their 40s or 50s, men can experience reduced testosterone levels — an occurrence known as andropause or sometimes referred to as “low T.” Hormone therapy can help minimize potential symptoms of andropause such as depressive moods, reduced sexual function, weight gain, and fatigue.
What about thyroid hormone?
The thyroid hormone is one of the most misunderstood hormones. Unless the physicians have special training, most will not understand how to optimize thyroid levels. It is important to have your thyroid optimized as thyroid hormone receptors are in almost every cell of your body. The thyroid is known as one of the “feel good” hormones. Optimization of the thyroid can help you feel more energetic and help with a variety of age-related health issues. Dr. Fontaine can prescribe bioidentical hormones to improve thyroid function.
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