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Cancer Screening in San Diego, CA

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What Are Cancer Screenings?

The Galleri™ cancer screening offered at Fontaine MD Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine is a preventive step toward detecting cancers in the early stages. These cancer screenings are completed through liquid biopsies (a blood test), where they are used to detect any cancer cells in the body. It is different than your usual mammogram or colonoscopy because it is able to detect cancer cells early before they develop into advanced stages. It is a quick, easy, and great way for many of our San Diego, CA patients to learn about what can be done in the next steps of their treatment plans. For more information on how we conduct our cancer screenings, contact our office and schedule an appointment.

What Happens During A Cancer Screening?

Cancers like ovarian and pancreatic are rare forms that are hard to treat and rarely caught in the early stages. However, a cancer screening at Fontaine MD Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine in San Diego, CA, is a safe and effective way to detect cancer cells before they reach a critical stage. During your screening, one of our medical professionals will conduct a blood draw. Once your blood is taken, it is sent off to be analyzed for any indicators of cancer cells. Some of the cancers that are able to be detected with this screening method include:

  • Colon cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Gallbladder cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Adrenal cortical carcinoma

It is important to note that although this cancer screening is quick and easy, it should be used as a tool in addition to other cancer screenings. For more information on how we complete cancer screenings in our office, schedule an appointment with our team.

Start Down the Path to Prevention

Cancer screenings are a quick way for you to take control of your health and get the treatment that's needed. The path to prevention can easily start when you schedule an appointment with our team at Fontaine MD Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine. Contact our team of professionals in San Diego, CA, to get started.

I went in for fillers and Botox and had a consultation with Sommer before getting anything done. I was a little bit nervous, As this was my first time receiving any kind of procedure. I was worried about not looking like myself but Sommer assured me that it would look natural and refreshed. My experience was really great as she made sure that I was comfortable the entire time. I’m extremely happy with the results as it turned out exactly as she said it would! I look exactly like myself only much smoother and a much more refreshed appearance. I would definitely come back to Sommer in the future!

L.Q. Google

The staff at Fontaine MD is amazing! Let’s face it, as the years creep up my face creeps down. The staff at Fontaine MD takes the time to listen to my concerns, educate and set expectations on available options. Using injectables, they were able to roll back the clock AND give me a natural, refreshed look. I’m so grateful for the staff at Fontaine MD for helping me look my best at any age.

P.B. Google

Great team! Professional and knowledgeable. Made me feel comfortable about asking questions.

R.D. Google

I've been working with Dr Fontaine for almost a year and NEVER felt better. I'm 45 and in the best shape of my life. Prior to working with Dr Fontaine, I had struggled for years trying to lose weight. Since starting I've lost 20lbs of fat, added 10lbs of muscle and dropped 11% body fat. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I highly recommend Dr Fontaine. The feeling of having someone monitoring every aspect of my health and ensuring that I not only live a long life, but that I'm truly healthy enough to enjoy it, makes all the difference.

R.V. Google

My only regret about visiting Dr. Fontaine is that I didn't do it sooner. I didn't realize how bad I felt before until after a few months of treatment. The difference was staggering. I originally went because I felt tired constantly, stopped working out because I wasn't making any progress, felt demotivated, and had a hard time focusing at work. After a few months of balanced hormones, I literally feel like a new person. I wake up with an abundance of energy that lasts throughout the day, my body looks better, my workouts shed body fat and put on muscle more easily than they have in decades, and I feel motivated across every aspect of my career and personal life. It sounds too good to be true, but it's real. If you're a guy and you feel like you've lost something, you should seriously consider visiting and seeing if you can find it again.

R. Google


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